Explosives Found at House Fire

- Just before 8 p.m. Monday, Rochester Firefighters arrived to a home fully engulfed in flames on Arbordale Avenue.
The deputy fire chief says some sort of explosion went off in the basement knocking the homeowner off his feet.
He quickly got up and went upstairs to the first floor and got his wife and small child out of the house. The homeowner then went back in and rescued a pet.
Firefighters were ordered to evacuate the home when they heard live ammunition going off inside. 

"It's going to pop like a firecracker, sound, very very similar to that, sometimes a little bit louder. What we're always concerned about is does somebody have a round in a gun that's chambered.
That's a totally different animal.  So that's just like pulling a trigger when it goes off.  And that can kill somebody," said Rochester Deputy Fire Chief. "We did not know whether someone had a loaded weapon in the house. And we just asked our firefighters, no reason to keep 20 people in danger, we asked some of them to move behind the apparatus."

Neighbors watched as the house burned.
It was an all too familiar sight for Karen Nolan.
She's living with her in-laws at the moment because her house caught fire just over a year ago.

"I want to find the people who own this house.  I don't know who they are.  And I, I want to hug them.  And I want to tell them that everything from this point on, as long as they're together, as long as they're safe, none of it matters," said 
Nolan of Rochester. "It's all just stuff. It's their life, it will never be the same after this.  Never. "

Nolan says she will be back Tuesday to help.

"I think they have a child. They're going to need diapers and they're going to need so much stuff.  Everything's gone.  Everything's gone.   And I can appreciate it," she said.

Officials say the homeowner was taken to the hospital for evaluation, but no one else was hurt.

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