Evie Frohm - Family Caregiver

This August, Myrtle Prutzman turned 100 years old.  For her birthday, there were two celebrations:  one hosted by Woodcrest Commons in Henrietta, where Myrtle lives, the other hosted by her large and loving family.  Evie Frohm is Myrtle's daughter-in-law.  Just as Myrtle shares the secret to a long and healthy life:  "Just live every day as it comes," says Myrtle.  So Evie shares the secret to compassionate caregiving.  "Love," she says.  "Empathy."

"Myrtle mentioned that there's quite a few special people in her life," says Maggie Fitzgibbon of Woodcrest Commons, "but that Evie does everything for her."

"That's my son and daughter-in-law," says Myrtle.  "They take care of me.  I have to go to the doctor, I don't drive.  Anything I need they get me."

"She knows what's going on, she knows who she is, where she is and who we are," says Evie.  "We try to see that she's well cared for."


"I feel about 50!" Myrtle says. At 100, she loves to take walks through the garden.  Her sense of humor sparkles, and so does her gratitude for the love and care of her family.


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