Election Eve: Get the Vote Out

It is election eve, and the candidates worked overtime Monday night to get the vote out.  In Rochester, all eyes are on the mayor's race.  A race that just got hotter Monday afternoon.

Rochester Mayor Tom Richards, who endorsed Lovely Warren, went on the record saying he would serve if he were elected on the Independence and Working Families Party lines.

Warren won the Democratic primary race for mayor in an upset that stunned Rochester.  Now, with one day to go until Election day, Warren is spending the eleventh hour speaking to the voters.

"I think that tomorrow the voters of Rochester will decide who they want to be their mayor.  I think that for the past nine months, I have really given them a vision for their future.  Let them know the race isn't about me.  It's about them," said Lovely Warren, (D) Rochester Mayoral Candidate.

Green Party candidate Alex White is still going strong with a grass-roots campaign.  His volunteers worked the phones Monday night for one last push.

"Our get out the vote campaign is really about, what it's been about for months.  Reaching out to people.  Giving them facts about what we'd like to do," said Alex White, (GP) Rochester Mayoral Candidate.

The wild card in all of this, a campaign for Rochester Mayor Tom Richards.  But not by Richards.  Despite losing the Democratic primary to Warren, Richards' name will remain on the ballot.  Late Monday, Richards made his intentions more clear.  If the people vote for him, he will serve.

"I knew he would serve.  I mean if the votes are there, and he's the elected individual, he's a committed man," said Tom Cray, Richards for Mayor spokesman.

It is a local election year, which elections commissioners say attracts fewer people to the polls.  They're predicting a typical 36% voter turnout.  

"In these local years, unfortunately we don't see the turnout that we see in a Presidential or Gubernatorial year.  And yet, we're always hopeful that people do get out and participate because this is the government closest to them," said Peter Quinn, (R) Monroe County Elections Commissioner.

Tuesday the people will decide.

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