Eight of the Nine Livingston County Deptuties Take Plea Deals

- Livingston County Jail deputies found themselves on the other side of the law at Geneseo Village Court after they were arrested on charges of falsifying timecards.

Nine deputies were arrested on Friday for offering a false instrument for filing.

Those deputies include Joe Agosto Jr, Kyle Fisher, Timothy Fraser, Jeremiah Pratt, Thomas Schledorn Jr., Michael Simpson, Marvin Yamonaco, William "Billy" Baker, and Andrew Eichorn.

Eichorn did not attend court because he was out of town.

All, except Andrew Eichorn, were offered plea deal to a lesser charge of criminal solicitation in the 5th degree.

That charge is only a violation, which Judge Thomas Bushnell, only assessed a $125 surcharge to.

All have resigned their positions from the Livingston County Sheriff's Office.

Eichorn and Baker will appear in court on July 8th on their charges.

Judge Bushnell spoke passionately in the courtroom about the proceedings.

He said, "Often we see people pay the price who aren't the ones responsible for what happened." 

Judge Bushnell went on to say, "The person or persons who allowed this to happen retired to the shadows with accolades and testimonials."

District Attorney Greg McCaffrey said at an afternoon press conference that "shift-switching" was rampant throughout the department. But he said those arrested went "above and beyond" what was already happening.

He said they would pay others to work their shifts. Those payments would be in cash from $50 to $100.

One of the defense attorneys, Kevin VanAllen, says the deputies took the fall for what had been going on for years, under the supervision of administrators.

"These guys walked in were open and honest believing this was something going on with entire Department.  They never intended to defraud the taxpayers or have personal gain out of this.  They wanted a day off," said Kevin Van Allen, defense attorney.

Attorney Kevin Van Allen said his clients are upset no bosses were ever charged including retired Sheriff John York. 

McCaffrey said he was disappointed in the previous administration for the lack of action to crack down on the faulty time cards, but said that there was no evidence to prove that retired Sheriff John York or  former Undersheriff Jim Szczesniak were aware of what was happening.

The investigation took more than 17 months to complete.

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