Education Big Part of Campaign

News 8 is Your Local Election Headquarters, and we're tackling big issues that effect you in this election.  We're focusing on education. 

Although it's an issue that most parents deem important, there's been little talk about education in this election cycle. 

Tim Kneeland, a Nazareth College Political Science Professor says, "Social policy, social programs are very important until the economy begins to hurt." 

Kneeland teaches a class about campaigns.  His students value education in the face of rising expenses and graduate unemployment. 

Phil Demanchick is a Nazareth College junior, and he says, "With the way the economy is today I'm not really going to have the job security that you would normally have beforehand, so it's just really trying to figure out what we can do for future years and for future students." 

Federal educational initiatives like "No Child Left Behind" and "Race To The Top" have impacted local school districts. 

Jody Siegle is the Monroe County School Boards Association's Executive Director and she says, "We're seeing new curriculum, we're seeing new ideas about how to evaluate staff, and big changes in funding." 

Siegle says only 20 percent of the population have children in school, and they have yet to equate the changes with their elected leaders."  Whether the candidates choose to talk about it or not, November's winners will certainly have to address education when they take office.

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