Eastman Dental Dispensary to be Tranformed into Senior Living Apartments

If you've walked past the historic Eastman Dental Dispensary recently, you'll see a once thriving building, is falling apart.
"It's just sitting here abandoned it's getting old, you can see bushes crawling up, it's sad to see the building go to waste like that," neighbor Dowyne Powell says.
Built in 1917, Eastman Dental Dispensary was the first school in the United States licensed to train dental hygienists.
But it's been vacant for 30 years, Home Leasing bought the property last year.
"The longer it sits vacant the more challenging it would be to complete rehab on it," President of Home Leasing, Cathy Sperrick says.
Home Leasing is getting a $3.5 million state grant to give the property a face-lift.
It's one of 37 projects in New York selected to receive $95 million in grants and loans. Sperrick is going to turn the building into 57 senior living apartments, 43 will be affordable housing.
"We're just excited about the opportunity not only to develop and construct but be there for the long term as well be managing it for years to come hopefully," Sperrick says.
Glasow Simmons Architecture has been hired to restore as much as the original wood-work and key features of the building as possible.
"So you come into the building as if it were the Dental Dispensary, we want to give that feeling back to you," Jason Simmons, with Glasow Simmons said.
There are high hopes the renovation will breathe new life into the neighborhood.
"I think it's very important that someone took a stand and wanted to do something to revitalize the building," neighbor Elaine Balkum says.
The entire project will cost $26.1 million, no timeline has been determined yet for a construction start.

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