East Rochester Fights Bullying with New Workshops

The East Rochester School District is fighting bullying with an anti-bullying pilot workshop series for its 5th and 7th graders.

The students participated in three 45 minute workshops headed by the school's counselor Adam Laycock.

They talked openly about what bullying is and why some people are teased. Students also addressed the subject of cyberbullying and how to stand up to bullies

The school says it's already seeing positive results.

"It can change someone's whole mood for them. One word you say to them can ruin their whole day," 7th grader Daron Brown said. "It makes me think before I say or do something. Think about how it might hurt their feelings."

"I just think the more we learn about it the more people can take a stand against bullying," 7th grader Gabriella Lexer said. "Taking a stand can like save somebody's life so it's really important."

Next year the school district plans to provide the workshops for all students.

The school is also starting an anti-bullying advisory board including students, faculty and parents.

This is one way East Rochester plans to comply with the new Dignity for all Students Act which becomes law in July.

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