East High School Athlete Excels To The Top

- A unique relationship between a mentor and a student helped pave the way for his success in sports and school. 

Justin Noye proves that hard work can beat talent.

"I really wasn't that good [like] a lot of kid. I really was the last kid to get picked. I was the kid that the [other] kids would be mad [at]; like "aww we got Justine Noye on our team,'" he said.

Soon everyone wanted Noye on their team.

"My eighth grade year came and I really started getting good and I'm like this probably can go somewhere," he said.

"As he performed well, his name got out there. He got a lot more exposure and then the offers started coming," coach Paul Brigandi said.

The offers came from places like Temple University and UB- in all nine Division I scholarship offers. 

"I tried to choose a school as how I would like to be a student instead of a football player," Noye said.

Old Dominion University in Virginia rose to the top of the list. Noye's academic accomplishments are just as impressive as his athletic ones. 

"I was talking to my coach and he said 'hey, you know your grades are good so you probably can go into the mid-year;' and I didn't know I could so I talked to my mentor Mondorff and he said 'let's try it. If it happens, it happens,'" Noye said.

It happened- Noye graduated in January. He went from high school senior to college freshman in less than a week.

"Just [the fact] that he graduated from the city school district and graduated early and he's way ahead of the incoming freshman class; we're very happy," Brigandi said.

"This is what he wanted all along. He obviously wanted to be a Division I football player, but he used that to get his free education," Mondorff said.

Noye is headed for a bright future and hopes to earn a Master's degree at Old Dominion. 

"It starts now. [If] you want to play sports and go to college and do all this, it starts now. Don't develop a bad work habit or anything. You have to stay on top of your work and make sure you work harder than everybody else," he said.

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