Dr. Lisa Vargish - Physician House Calls

This may not look like a doctor's office, but for Ellsworth Downs, it's that and more.

Once and sometimes more a month, Doctor Lisa Vargish comes to his house for routine check-ups. Mr. Downs is 90 years old. 7 years ago, he and his his wife Leona moved in with their daughter and son-in-law in Webster. Three years ago, the family signed up for Physician House Calls through Jewish Senior Life. For Ellsworth, it took the anxiety out of going to the doctor.

"I'd have to get in the car," says Ellsworth. "My daughter would have to go with me when she has time, because she wants to know what the doctor tells me, and I'm not always good at relaying. And there are times also when I don't really feel I'm safe driving."

Doctor Vargish has been there through major life transitions, including Leona's death one year ago.

"I wish I had the vocabulary to fully describe what we think of her," says Ellsworth.

When it comes to treating her older patients, Dr. Vargish gives 100%. "It's very personal," says Dr. Vargish. "It's a passion really, it's a calling."

Doctor Vargish is now a trusted friend. Thanks to her in-home visits, Ellsworth's health is on sure footing, and his heart is focused on living well.

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