Dr. Linda Janelli - Ibero-American Action League

At the Ibero-American Action League, the senior center, or Centro de Oro, is home away from home for more than 120 seniors throughout Rochester. It's a cheerful gathering place, but it also delivers crucial services, including free health screenings. Once a week, Dr. Linda Janelli and her nursing students at Nazareth College offer a health clinic. "Somebody may have a rash they're not sure about, a toothache, they may have a problem with their feet and circulation, so you never know what you're going to see," she says.

Rosario Zagaal is 83 years old. The senior center is precious to her, and the health checks give her peace of mind. "They are all very kind, very nice people," she says, "and they also come and do exercise with us too."

We caught up with Dr. Janelli on one of her last days at the clinic. After four years of dedicated service at the senior center, Dr. Janelli is retiring. We watched her guide the process as RN Marie Bell conducted routine screenings, a teacher preparing to pass on her role to a grateful colleague. "We want to conitinue on in the legacy that she started here at Ibero Action," she says. "We want to continue to have our students come and assess older adults."

On average, Dr. Janelli and her students see 20 to 25 patients a week. When it comes to health care, this population of seniors often falls through the cracks. Thanks to Dr. Janelli and the Ibero-American Action League, that gap is being erased, one eager patient at a time.

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