Dr. Barry Culhane Honored by VOC with Harris Award

We are very proud to be a sponsor of the Veterans Outreach Center's Stars and Stripes Celebration. The VOC is giving it's highest honor, the Harris Award for service to veterans, to Dr. Barry Culhane from RIT.

Dr. Culhane was a driving force behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Highland Park. It symbolizes his commitment to veterans. "This is really part of my life's passion. To build something to commemorate, to educate and to heal. To leave it as a lasting legacy to the 280 men who gave their lives."

Barry was an Army Medic stateside during the Vietnam War helping wounded veterans. "I know the difference between a bad day and a good day and I never had a bad day. 32:52 So for me, every good day I'm around I want to do something to help veterans."

Culhane's legacy will be four decades of service. The Harris Award is named for Sterlin Harris' parents. Years ago, Edward and Jaqueline Harris saved the Veterans Outreach Center. "This community is richer because of Barry Culhane for numerous reasons" says Harris. "To me this award represents someone in this community, whether a veteran or not, who hd done over a great period of time a great deal of things for our veterans."

Dr. Culhane's office at RIT tells the story of his life. Pictures of his service to the community line the walls. "I've really had a good life and RIT has provided me an opportunity to do a lot of community service."

One of the most important lessons he's taught his own children and his students is the importance of giving back. "If you've been blessed with certain capabilities you need to use them not lose them. You need to share and do whatever you can do to help your fellow man."

In addition to serving many local agencies, Barry is a member of the New York State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame. He received the Outstanding Service Award from Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 20. He helps Women Veterans, leads the ROTC Joint Service Run on Veterans Day, the RIT Veterans Breakfast, he's part of the new "One Team, One Fight" initiative to benefit Rochester's Afghanistan and Iraq veterans. And he is passionate about the VOC.

Barry says "The Veterans Outreach Center is by far the best service organization I think in the country helping veterans and and their families. To be recognized by that group who really cares about veterans is terrific."

Dr. Barry Culhane, committed to service, committed to our veterans.

You can learn more about the Veterans Outreach Center and all the services they offer by clicking here.

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