Don't Text and Drive - Take the Pledge

Kevin Doran and John Kucko are devoted dads. Their daughters have both of them at the top of their cellphone contacts, ready to reach at a moments notice.

But if there's one thing these girls worry about, it's texting and driving. We gathered them in our studio, then asked Kevin and John to leave so we could have a frank discussion.

When we asked, all four girls (Caroline Kucko, Emma Doran, Eva Doran and Natalie Kucko) said they'd seen their dads text and drive. All four admitted it scares them.

Texting and driving isn't just a young person's problem. Most polls show more adults than teens perform behind-the-wheel juggling acts with their cellphones, a scary fact, when you consider the risks.

That's why News 8 and Fox Rochester are taking the pledge. It's a

no-nonsense promise that parents can make to their families, by having the talk about safe driving, signing the pledge to put the cellphone away while driving, and knowing what the law is in your county and your state.

Kevin and John didn't know just how worried their daughters are about distracted driving. From here on out, these dads are signing the pledge, and setting an example for their families: no more texting while they drive.

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