Disturbing Details Surface in Clayton Whittemore Trial

- It took an entire day in court to go through hundreds of photos video and bags of evidence. The prosecution says that evidence will show why they never offered a plea deal in this murder case.

"This is really a brutal senseless homicide and I think even the defense council agrees," District Attorney Sandra Doorley said. "As you see so far, based upon the video and the photographs that we've gone through, there are pieces of a travel mug, pieces of an Old Spice can. You see the room covered in blood."

Doorley painted a disturbing picture for the jurors of the crime scene, room 108 in McLean Hall at SUNY Brockport, Alexandra Kogut's dorm. The evidence shown in the courtroom today was disturbing and hard to swallow. University police and a sheriff's deputy described the scene for the jury.

"The allegations here are murder in the second degree and I think it's important that I show them every piece of evidence that I can to establish that the defendant intentionally killed Alexandra Kogut," Doorley said. "I wanted them to really understand the scene before they started hearing testimony and before they hear the defendant's statements."

"As you saw yesterday, Becky and Mark Kogut couldn't even stay in the courtroom and I really don't even know if they will be able to come back and watch any of the trial," Doorley said. "To say it's taken a toll on them is an understatement, and as a parent, I can't even imagine how I would be. I respect their decision and I am just going to do my best for the case."

Blood was also found in the dorm's bathroom. That is where prosecution believes Whittemore cleaned up. Several Brockport students also testified today, including Alex's roommate. Testimony will resume at 9:30 a.m. Friday.

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