Democrats Call For Legislative Committee To Oversee LDC Investigation

- Democrats in the county legislature say they need to get to the bottom of the LDC scandal, a bi-partisan committee can help get back the community's trust. 

Officials say it is time for County Executive Maggie Brooks and attorney Dennis Vacco to hand over the LDC internal investigation.

"They won't share them with us as the legislature or with the public or even with the LDC boards," Minority Leader Carrie Andrews said.

"The contract for the internal review was awarded in secret. The entire review to date has been done with no transparency or legislative oversight," legislator Justin Wilcox said.

Democrats want a bi-partisan committee to consist of three members from each party, completely removing Vacco from the investigation. The team would be required to report monthly to the full legislature and the meetings would be open to the public. 

"I can already hear the typical response from them, which today has been [that] this is all political; Democrats are just being political. But I am hoping this time I am pleasantly surprised and won't hear that response because what we truly are proposing here is a bi-partisan fact-finding mission," Andrews said.

Democrats say now is the time for their Republican colleagues to stand by their side. 

"It's time for these questions to be answered. We can no longer afford to give the administration the benefit of the doubt. It cannot oversee its own investigation," Wilcox said.

The hope is that the proposal can become a reality sooner rather than later. If the proposal is allowed to come up for a vote, it would be considered during the week of December 16th. Democrats say that gives Republicans plenty of time for review. 

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