Defaced Memorial for Soldier Repainted

The mother of a fallen soldier is angry that a memorial dedicated to her daughter was defaced. For nearly a year there was a mural in honor of Sgt. Devin Snyder painted on a rock on 390 North near Dansville. It included an American Flag and Snyder's picture. Sgt. Snyder, 20,  was killed in Afghanistan June of last year.
New York State Police say several Alfred State College students painted the rock black with Kappa Sigma Epsilon Fraternity letters. "It kind of felt like I was drop kicked," said Dineen Snyder, Devin Snyder's mother. "It was just special and it was a memorial to her and to what she did for us." The student's repainted the rock Friday morning that showed a flag and "R.I.P. Devin Snyder." The mayor of Cohocton, where Snyder grew up, still gets choked up when talking about her. "It's sad for the fact that her anniversary is coming up here in June," said Mayor Thomas Cox. Cox says thousands of people drove by this memorial. "It's unfortunate we had to lose her and then when you have incidents like this from people who don't care or have compassion," said Cox. "I think it saddens all of us."
Alfred College released a statement saying it was disappointed with the students behavior. Officials have suspended the fraternity while it investigates. Dineen Snyder hopes the students learn a lesson because their actions caused her even more pain. "It was disrespectful." The Livingston County Sheriff's Departments says the students promised to restore the monument with Snyder's picture. The students are facing charges for getting paint on a guard rail which is property of New York State.

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