Debate Heats Up Over Proposed Casino

Trouble is brewing in the town of Tyre in Seneca County, "they went around with petitions in the town of Tyre asking people, if you don't sign my petition for no, you'll go to hell," said Susan Delpapa.

Neighbor pitted against neighbor in a hot debate over a proposed casino, "we have 196 landowner and taxpaying residents who have signed our petition in the town of Tyre that have said they don't want this here," said Desiree Dawley.

People who live near a field just off the thruway are heating things up.  The Wilmot Casino and Resort would be built nearby.  Dawley is part of the suit which accuses the developer and town board of violating environmental laws, "the first resolution was on the SEQRA, the SEQRA was not completed until that night," said Dawley, "they were still completing it, then they passed a resolution that there was no impact, although there were many impacts and they did not take a hard look at any of those."

The suit is the second backed by Casino Free Tyre.  A judge ruled against the group earlier this year.  In a statement, a spokesman for the developer said, " This is an expected action by a small minority citizen's group and is just a continuation of the action on which they already lost."

Susan Delpapa supports the project, saying it's time for something new in Tyre, "it's got to change, there's got to be jobs here for kids, were the highest taxpayers in Seneca County, in the town of Tyre, and I think this is a wonderful project and there will be more businesses coming in."

A hearing is scheduled for September.

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