Dawn Nguyen In Court For Pre-Trial Hearing

- Television cameras will not be allowed during Dawn Nguyen's trial but a still camera can capture the opening and closing statements and the verdict.

Police say Nguyen bought the guns for William Spangler who then used them to kill and injure West Webster firefighters. Nguyen arrived to her pre-trial hearing this afternoon. Her attorneys told the court they don't want the photographs of the guns used during the trial and requested that statements made to her boyfriend be inadmissble.

There is concern that picking an unbiased jury may be difficult because of how well known the West Webster case was. Also, more than two dozen firefighters are expected to show up to court. The defense does not want them in uniform.

"By having a bunch of West Webster firefighters in the court room with their uniforms on, it can certainly intimidate a jury to see their emotion when making a decision in this case, which we certainly hope that they don't," Nguyen's lawyer Matthew Parrinello said.

Jury selection will start on Wedn3esday. The judge says the case should not take any longer than three weeks.

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