Cuomo's State of the State: Rochester Overlooked Again

Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State address where he discussed big plans for New York State.  However, Rochester wasn't mentioned once.  Gov. Cuomo announced Buffalo, NY would be getting $1 billion in state funding for economic development. 

"I was really disappointed and a little frustrated to be honest with you," said Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks.   "We also have to invest in the struggling areas of our state and many struggling areas have been ignored for too long," said Governor Cuomo.   Cuomo cited Bufffalo's poverty rate.  It is the third poorest city in the nation.  Buffalo's unemployment rate is at 7.3%.    In Rochester nearly half of children are living in poverty.  Unemployment here is at 6.7%.   "I wouldn't think the governor could continue to focus solely on Buffalo as a community in need," said Brooks.  "We have a high level of poverty here.  We have projects that need to be finished.  It would have been nice to have a share of that money."   

Mark Peterson,  of The Greater Rochester Enterprise, says we are being punished for doing things right.  Last year Rochester created more private sector jobs than Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse combined.  "It seems very one sided and very politically driven," said Peterson.    Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy took the job saying he could get more done for Rochester in Albany.   He praised Cuomo today.  "When you look at what this man has brought to this state, when you look at where we are as to where we were  it makes me very proud.  New York is a shining example of what can happen if we all pull together," said Duffy. 

Cuomo also announced he wants to create jobs and raise money by opening casinos in New York.   In order to legalize gaming the state constitution would need to be amended.  Cuomo also plans to address education.  He didn't mention funding, but talked about changing the way teachers and administrators are evaluated.

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