Cross Fit Helps Families Stay Fit

Cross Fit is a core conditioning and strength program, and it's gaining popularity at World Gym in Rochester.

"It ranges from doing Olympic lifts to power lifting, gymnastic movements to push-ups," said owner Rob Sember."There's swimming, running, rowing, many different types of activities."

The kids do a modified version of what their mom's and dad's learn in a separate class.

Cross Fit kids is more movement pattern than strength training, and it's designed to keep kids 4 to 12 interested.

He added "One of the great things about Cross Fit is that it's different every time so they're never gonna do the same thing. That's what keeps them kind of interested because they want to see what they're gonna do next."

Sember said working out your mind is also an important part of staying fit, so pens, pencils and notebooks are also part of the experience.

"After class is over, there's a 10 minute period where kids get to do their homework because we have found that the amount of retention after periods of exercise is 100's of times more powerful than just when they sit down and do their homework."

The program keeps kids coming back time and time again to benefit to their bodies, minds and self-esteem.

"With what they're doing, with their exercise, it helps them realize there's really nothing that they can't do."

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