Creativity and Controversy at Annual Imagine RIT Festival

- RIT students show the community how to be creative and innovative.

"Imagine RIT" is the college's annual innovation and creativity festival. Visitors can learn about arts and sciences, watch technology demonstrations or get hands-on experience at booths spread out all over campus. Students say it's the culmination of their efforts each year and they love to show it off.

"I feel like Imagine RIT is RIT's way of letting everyone here show the world what they're doing," sound effect designer Forrest Shooster. "It's a way to say this is what we have done and we have achieved something here."

A controversial issue of a student-run magazine is also on display at Imagine RIT. The staff of Reporter Magazine planned their "Issues" issue to coincide with the festival but an employee at the printers sent a copy to the administration after finding supposedly graphic images inside. The school originally banned staff from handing out the magazine at the festival, but Reporter's editor in chief says the issue is meant to be educational.

"They said that the content was indecent to be handed out to minors," Alyssa Jackson said. "The illustrations are similar to what you would find in a third or fourth grade textbook."

The administration did eventually allow Reporter to distribute the magazine during "Imagine RIT" but only after checking ID cards of people 18 and older.

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