County Democrats Submit Proposal For LDC Reform

- Democrats called for reforms of local development corporations Tuesday. 

The move comes on the heels of recent arrests involving several people with ties to LDCs and the Monroe County Republican Party. Democrats in the county legislature argue that there has never been any oversight into the LDCs. They are asking the legislature president to accept a proposal including eight reforms at Tuesday's legislature meeting. The reforms include mandating legislative consent before any LDC contract is assigned, mandating legislative confirmation of all LDC board appointments, including two legislative appointments to each board and mandating legislative approval of any amendments to contracts between LDCs and the county.

"While admitting that there have been irregularities in the county's LDCs, [Maggie Brooks'] actions so far are like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. That's because the root of the problem is much bigger than what she is addressing," Democratic Minority Leader Carrie Andrews said.

"Every penny has to be accounted for. We're all Monroe County taxpayers in this room, as is myself; and we are looking out for every last penny of taxpayer money. My eye is on the ball when it comes to that," Republican Majority Leader Steve Tucciarello said. 

The proposal will be considered during the legislature's Tuesday evening meeting. Tucciarello says he wants to be sure there is no quick action taken from this point forward when it comes to LDCs without careful consideration of all the options. 

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