County Democrats Claim Policy Violation In Vacco Hiring

- County Democrats are now questioning the process for hiring a former New York Attorney General in the internal investigation into the county's LDCs. 

They are accusing the county of violating its procurement policy, which mandates that professional contracts, like the one with former Attorney General Dennis Vacco, have legislature approval if the costs exceed $5,000. They claim that never happened. Minority Leader Carrie Andrews and Legislator Justin Wilcox say this is a time when there should be the utmost transparency, especially during an investigation into procedures that were allegedly not followed by LDCs. They say Vacco has already bill the county for about $250,000. The county's policy states that a waiver can be issued by the County Executive or her designee in the event of a public emergency. It is unknown if that happened.

"We actually spent months trying to get information as I detailed in the beginning from the administration about the contract with Mr. Vacco. Those requests have been denied. We gave them somewhat the benefit of the doubt until this point in time. But we really feel at this point, enough is enough. We deserve to know the details of the contract and as Justin  said this should have gone before the legislature as it is far in excess of $5,000," Andrews said.

News 8 has reached out to County Executive Maggie Brooks and the county's attorney for response. We have not heard a response so far. 

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