County Democrats Calling For Brooks To Step Aside From LDC Investigation

- There are new developments in the investigations that threatens to derail the political career of County Executive Maggie Brooks.

Democratic legislators say it is time for Brooks to remove herself. According to them, she must stay out of the LDC investigation in order for it to have any credibility. Minority Leader Carrie Andrews asked the County Executive to step down from the internal investigation and let the legislature handle it. They say her conflict of interest goes beyond her husband, Bob Wiesner, being indicted. Wiesner is one of the four men facing charges. Brooks hired former State Attorney General Dennis Vacco to do the internal investigation. 

"Watching the County Executive's press conference last night, I could not tell if Mr. Vacco was representing her as her personal attorney or if he was representing all of county government," Andrews said. "We have asked countless questions several times for the past few months about Mr. Vacco's work, about how much it has cost, about how much the county has paid, who he has attorney-client privilege with and what is the scope of his duties. Last night was the first time we really heard any information about what he has done."

Going forward, the Democrats want Vacco's work to be turned over to them immediately. Andrews says they are not saying his investigation is flawed, but they want it handed over. 

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