Cooking in the Tops Kids Kitchen

Do you know a young child that likes to get their hands dirty trying out new recipes? 

Tops Supermarket's "Kids Kitchen" may be a great way for them to explore the kitchen, and learn the skills they need for kindergarten.

Little Denny Merkel is not yet 3-years-old but he already knows a lot about food, including his favorite. Mom Cheri says its definitely cheese, adding "He eats cheese sticks like crazy."

Denny also loves cooking, he always helps out with dinner.

Cheri hopes Tops Kids Kitchen will help expand that love and teach him other skills as well.

Instructor Amy Liming explained. "They learn math, they learn science, they learn their colors, numbers, letters, so it really helps in all departments cooking is very important."

In each session, Liming highlights a letter.

The students practice writing it, and then cooking healthy, easy recipes that begin with it.

Liming added "This program is to help kids become more comfortable with eating different foods, healthy foods and it's also to help them work on their letters and give them an introduction to preschool."

These little ones spent the afternoon cooking Krazy Kabobs, Kangaroo Snack Mix and Kids' Choice Mac and Cheese.

Liming thinks the program really helps enforce the skills they'll need for school and the importance of growing up big and strong. She added "It's to start a life long habit to eat good food, healthy food and to eat the colors of the rainbow. we talk about a lot. It helps them with learning; to be excited about learning and to give them an introduction into school with their letters."

Little Denny wants to grow up to be a hockey player. Cheri says the class will help him get there.

"I don't want him to be sluggish and I want his brain development to be very strong and if he's not eating healthy its gonna effect everything else."

To find out more about Tops Cooking School, click here.

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