Congresswoman Slaughter Faces Two New Challengers

Democratic Congresswoman Louise Slaughter has a couple of new challengers. Republican Mark Assini and Independent Tim Dean both announced their candidacies.  No one's been able to win against Slaughter for 14 terms now, including Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks.

Congresswoman Slaughter  was first elected to office in 1986 and she's been unbeatable ever since. Thursday night Republican Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini and Independent Tim Dean announced they're both giving it a shot.

 Mark Assini would not be the first republican to run against democratic Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.
"Nor the second, third, fourth or fifth," joked Mark Assini, (R) 25th Congressional District Candidate.

But the Gates Town Supervisor believes he  will be the one to finally unseat Slaughter in the 25th Congressional district.

"I think this past session of Congress really disappointed the American people to the point where they're willing to make a change.  They know that the path that we're on right now is not the right path for prosperity in this country," said Assini.

Independent Tim Dean of Greece is also challenging Slaughter. The marine corp veteran plans to make a public announcement Friday but spoke to us by telephone Thursday night.

"I think I have a bigger chance than most because I know I can relate to everybody.  Not just Democrats, not just Republicans.  I think I can relate to everybody because, I'm not a politican.  I'm just a regular person, middle class american.  I literally am.  I used to be a truck driver," said Tim Dean, (I) 25th Congressional District Candidate.

Neither Assini nor Dean has the backing of their respective political parties.  They both hope to be endorsed soon.  Assini's agenda includes the improving the Affordable Care Act and the economy.

"There is a huge trade imbalance that exits in this country.  That trade imbalance is what's driving the long-term unemployment rate.  In fact, unemployment has been at the highest level for the longest period," said Assini.

Dean's top priorities include military benefits for veterans, 2nd amendment gun rights and improving education.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter was not available for an on-camera interview but a spokesman released this statement:

"Monroe county has sent Louise Slaughter to Congress because she's a tough fighter who delivers results for the constituents she is proud to represent.  We look forward to discussing our region's future, and to earning each and every vote." 

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