Community Steps up to Help Operation Wounded Warrior

The community is stepping up to help Operation Wounded Warrior. Eight year old Nathalie Phongsavanh made a hand made card and her mom, Sonja, tucked a gift card inside. She donated it at the Chili Fire Department, "I put happy holidays and I drew a Christmas tree and I put a turkey on it," said Nathalie. Nathalie's dad was in the navy her mom knows how much the donations mean to military families, "it means everything to know that people are behind you 100%," explained Sonja.

Their donation along with dozens of others are all being packed up. Books, clothes, toiletries, all being taken to the Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland. Amy Tausch of Operation Wounded Warrior said the supplies help wounded service members on their road to recovery, "as they transition from the inpatient hospital rooms they move in to dormitory rooms with an outpatient setting and there's little kitchenettes so it's restocking their resources."

Tausch explains how great the need is, "there's such a high volume of wounded warriors and their families there that supplies are just constantly turning over so we're re stocking their store room."

As veterans day approaches it's clear many people in the community are already thinking about our service members.

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