College Student Running For Mayor In Hilton

- There are only five days before Hilton voters head to the polls in the race for mayor, which is catching a lot of people's attention. 

They say age is just a number and in this case, that might be true. You rarely hear about a 21-year-old running for mayor. But then again, you may not have met Andrew Fowler.

"I can bring a new perspective to many new generations as well as the old generations. Maybe some generations that aren't considered to be represented at the local government level," Fowler said.

Two years ago, Fowler was voted in as the village's youngest trustee at 19. He attends SUNY Brockport. His challenger- incumbent Mayor Joe Lee.

"I'm 62 years old. I have been a resident here since 1968 and I belong to almost every organization in the village," Lee said.

The election presents village residents with a unique choice. Some voters say Joe Lee knows what the community needs. 

"He's down-to-earth. You can talk to him no matter where he is," Sandra Franz said.

"I think that's kind of young to have that much responsibility. However, he is really a good young man," Mary Jennejahn said.

"It's hard to choose but I really think that Joe's doing a good job," Mary said.

But Ryan Fowler says people need to ignore his brother's age and see the great things he has to offer. 

"I never thought he would be a good politician. He's a very honest and clean man but turns out that is exactly what Hilton needs, so I think he's perfect for the job," he said.

"He's a little bit too young. He's very aggressive and he just needs more experience [on] how the government runs and I'm sure he will get that," Mayor Lee said.

"I lived local government my whole life; all 21 years," he said.

Election Day is next Tuesday at the Hilton Community Center. Voters will also be electing two village trustees. 

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