Stephen Colbert's Rochester Connection

David Letterman's replacement has quite a connection to Rochester.

Stephen Colbert's maternal ancestors are among Rochester's first settlers. 

"It's really remarkable. Owen Fee came to Rochester in 1830s as an Irish immigrant and opened up a grocery store on the corner of Main Street and  St. Paul," said Colbert's second cousin, Erica Fee. "To think that his great-great grandson would reach such dizzying heights is really incredible."

Colbert's great-grandfather, John C. Fee was one of the original Fee Brothers. The 150-year-old company still makes cocktail bitters on Portland Ave. in Rochester. An obituary for Caroline Fee, John's wife, said she was the granddaughter of Charles Malloy, who came to Rochester shortly after 1800.

Colbert's maternal grandparents also lived in Rochester.

Erica Fee produces the Rochester Fringe Festival. She got her famous relative to donate VIP tickets to his Comedy Central show and some swag for a June auction to benefit the festival.

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