Clayton Whittemore Sentenced to Maximum

An emotional and irate mother did not hold back in court Tuesday as she lambasted the man who killed her daughter.  A judge sentenced Clayton Whittemore to the maximum, 25 years to life in prison,  for the brutal murder of College at Brockport freshman Alexandra Kogut on the campus in September 2012.  Kogut's mother Becky's words moved everyone.

Throughout this long ordeal, we've never really heard from Alexandra Kogut's mother, Becky.  That all changed at sentencing today.

"I looked around, I don't think there was a dry eye in the house," said Sandra Doorley, Monroe County District Attorney.

"Clayton took a beautiful young woman and doesn't deserve to ever leave prison," said Becky Kogut, Alexandra's mother.

Becky Kogut painted a picture of the last time she laid eyes on Alex walking to her dorm room, her ponytail swaying back and forth.   

"She spoke from the heart she spoke about Alex.  She spoke about premonitions that she had as a mother when she last dropped Alex off at college.  And she talked about awful night that she was trying to get a hold of Clayton to find out what really happened," said Doorley.

As everyone later learned, Whittemore brutally beat Kogut with his fists and other objects including a clothing iron until Alex was no longer breathing.

"Alex will not graduate college.  We will not see her marry.  She will never have children.  You have robbed us of so much," said Becky Kogut.

""This is a parents worst nightmare.  I can't imagine what the Kogut's are going through.  But she showed unbelievable strength today getting up and addressing the court," said Doorley.

The courtroom wept along with Becky Kogut---as did Whittemore.  He apologized to the Koguts.  All along Whittemore's attorney claimed he was a victim of years of abuse at the hands of his father.   

"Clayton's father groomed him to be a killer. Anyone in the community that knew what was happening in that house and didn't do anything should be in jail alongside Clayton.  He is very, very sick and he will kill again," said Becky Kogut.

Becky Kogut also spoke about how she delivered every newspaper article about her daughter's death to Whittemore's father's doorstep and put purple ribbons around his trees in memory of her daughter Alex.  Purple is symbolic for domestic violence awareness.   She told the court she did that for Clayton to stick up for him in front of his father.  Something no one's ever done for him in his life.

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