City Employee Arrested In Cocaine Bust

- A city employee is facing federal drug charges after he was busted with cocaine. 

It is the biggest cocaine bust in Rochester and a shock to City Hall. 

"He was a good employee; so much so he started in 1996 as a seasonal employee. He was hired full-time in 2004," Mayor Lovely Warren said.

Christopher Kendrick worked for the Department of Environmental Services. He was arrested while off duty. 

"He cuts grass. He makes sure that the trash and things are picked up so he's out in the field and making sure our city is clean," Warren said.

According to court documents, New York State Police pulled Kendrick over on February 4th on I-490 near Chili. When they searched the back of the car, troopers found the 53 pounds of cocaine hidden under diapers and clothing.

"We didn't know about what they were investigating until after the arrest was made; and then once they arrested him, they notified us maybe a day later that he had been in fact a city employee," Warren said. 

Mayor Warren says it is too early to tell if Kendrick ever distributed drugs on the job.

"The police department and the DEA have to do what they have to do. We will full cooperate with their investigation and whatever information we can provide we definitely will," she said.

Kendrick had a full background check before he was hired by the City. Kendrick told investigators that he was returning from Atlanta. Investigators say Atlanta is the source city for cocaine brought into western New York. Kendrick is one of four people who have been charged in three separate complaints in this bust. 

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