City Deputy Mayor Arrested For Drunk Driving

- The city's second-in-command has been arrested and charged for drunk driving.

According to State Police, Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon, 62, was traveling 70 mph in a 55 mph zone when he was pulled over. Trooper says he registered a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .13 on a breathalyzer. Redon was driving his own car on I-490 near the Clinton Avenue exit on his way home. After he was booked at the police station, he made a phone call to Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren.

"Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon informed Mayor Warren at approximately 1 a.m. and he offered his most sincere apologies to both the Mayor and the people of Rochester," City Communications Director Chris Christopher said.

Mayor Warren later met with Redon at City Hall. That is when she learned of his diabetes diagnosis.

"What I have been told [is that] diabetes and alcohol are not a good mix," Christopher said.

Redon offered his resignation, but Warren declined. Redon was appointed Deputy Mayor back in 2011 under former Mayor Tom Richards. Redon was one of the few top city officials that Mayor Warren maintained when she took office. Both Warren and Redon agreed for him to take time off and seek counseling. In a statement, Mayor Warren said "drinking and driving is never an acceptable choice. It puts everyone in danger. While I am very disappointed in this turn of events and the Deputy Mayor's lapse in judgement, I have accepted his apology." 

"He's doing good work on behalf of the people of Rochester. He is sincerely contrite. He is speaking with his own personal physician about steps that may be taken to avoid something like this in the future," Christopher said.

Redon has no previous arrests for alcohol or drug-related crimes. He will appear in Rochester City Court on April 8th. 

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