Churchville Rain

Floodwaters are down now here in Churchville, but that wasn't the case earlier when water poured into this home's basement. Most everyone dealt with the rain today.Almost 3 inches fell in Rochester. But some spots were hit harder than others."Joseph when he gets off the couch he says to me dad I think the wall is leaning. I kind of looked like this and I said yeah and then the noise started getting worse and I said you better get out of here. He ran up the steps and within 2 or 3 seconds the wall just caved in."And Fred Giancursil's basement wasn't an unfinished one. "Last I looked it was just a pile of mud with all my stuff in it, my TV, all the things I collect. It was like a man cave, but I guess that's gone."Further south near Riga, having a conversation with Phillip Moffitt was a challenge.He and his wife Sarah have places to be, but their home became an island with no way out."It is scary and it is very upsetting, but it will go down by the end of the day. But that's a long time to wait."While their water problem seems to a natural one, they say the back up of water is a problem created by the Riga Mumford Road."This will go down, but it takes a lot of time because the culverts are not big enough."Floods quickly became problematic today in Churchville, but now most everyone is high and dry.I say most everyone because there are still plenty of people dealing with water in their basement, like the home owners of this residence.Reporting in Churchville. Jeff Rusack, News 8.

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