Chris Jackson - Security Director, Cherry Ridge

At Cherry Ridge Retirement Community in Webster, Security Director Chris Jackson is one of the most familiar of friendly faces: She's been on the job for 7 years and loves the people who live there. "Taking five seconds to stop and chat, really it's a lot more joy for me I think. It's a wonderful thing," she says.

When Chris makes the rounds, she goes out of her way to make sure residents feel secure and well cared for. It's not unusual for her to give someone a ride to the next building over, or stop what she's doing to visit. In the community's skilled nursing home, she'll deliver juice to a patient, or print phone lists for residents' families. "She just radiates calmness and competency and if you ask her to fix anything, she's got it fixed!" says resident Margaret McGuire. "Chris always has a cheerful look on her face and says hi as you go by," says resident Pat Tingley. "In many cases, when I've needed her, she was right there."

Chris has worked security for 33 years, but says this assignment is the best.

She's a golden giver who serves the golden residents of Cherry Ridge.

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