New Chef Brings Tasty Changes at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital

Behind the scenes at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital, new head chef Dan Fernandes is spicing things up in the kitchen.

Dan is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and once cooked at a world-renowned restaurant in Manhattan. He's been hired to improve the food served at both Newark-Wayne and DeMay Senior Living Center.

"We're making sure that we're using really fresh ingredients," Fernandes said, "getting away from all of the convenience products that are out there loaded with nitrates, preservatives and sugars and loaded with sodium."

Under the old cooking style, food was pre-cooked and sat under a heater sometimes for more than an hour before it was served to a patient. Dan's goal is to offer all meals prepared to order.

"They'll be able to eat more," he said. "Losing weight is a big issue in this industry. So, altogether, it's just going to be a fun and exciting thing."

So far, the new meal plan has proved to be a recipe for success.

"Doing things for people through food is just a fun outlet," Dan said. "It's just awesome."

They've already begun rolling out the new meal plan, but the kitchen is still being renovated to accommodate for the new changes. They hope to have the fresh food approach available to everyone in the coming months.

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