Carol Robinson - Jewish Senior Life

   In the Art Therapy room at Jewish Senior Life, volunteer Carol Robinson entertains everyone with colorful stories.  Carol began volunteering 6 years ago, giving cookie and coffee to the residents.  "I was a waitress for 23 years and I couldn't get a job," she says.  "My sister-in-law's mother was here and I thought, gee, maybe I would like to do this!"

   Two years ago, Jewish Senior Life awarded Carol with Volunteer of the Year.  Two days a week, she works in the Art Therapy room.  Every other week, you'll find her at the Coffee and Cookie Bar.  "It's inspiring to see these people and how they adjust to their lot in life," Carol says.  "And they're still very happy-go-lucky.  It inspires me to see how well they handle their situation."

      Residents like Florence Rosen value Carol's companionship.  Art has been a godsend.  "I came here and I was very lonesome," says Florence. "This cousin of mine told me, come, come, come!"

  "These are people that I grew up with, who came from me neighborhood in the city, so I relate to a lot of them," Carol says.

  Carol's compassion and humor are never in short supply.  At Jewish Senior Life, she defines the art of caregiving.

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