Candidates Spar On Medicare and Taxes

(CBS News) Mitt Romney's campaign says President Obama would rather talk about the Republican candidate's taxes than the issues.

The Obama campaign sees Romney's taxes as an issue and is not backing away from the debate over the economy and Medicare. 

Mitt Romney intended to offer a quick lesson on the differences between his Medicare plan and President Obama's. 

Romney says, "every year I've paid at least 13 percent, and if you add in addition the amount that goes to charity, the number gets well above 20 percent." 

The Obama campaign pounced on the comments, asking Romney to prove it. The president's campaign manager sent a letter promising to back off the issue - if Romney agreed to release five year of returns. 

The Romney campaign said no deal, and it wants to talk about the economy. Romney supporters are trying to help get back on message. 

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says, "The Obama-Biden campaign wants to talk about this all day, because they don't want voters in states like mine to look at their failed record." 

The White House insists it welcomes a debate on Medicare and the economy. 

White House Spokesperson Jay Carney says, "this is exactly what we want to be talking about. These are the substantive issues that will be decided for this country, and that will have a huge impact on this country." 

To counter Romney's claims about Medicare, the Obama campaign hit the airwaves with a new ad. Next week Mitt Romney will be teaming up with his running mate Paul Ryan in New Hampshire for a town hall meeting on Medicare and the economy. 

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