Campaign Calls For the End of "Heading" the Soccer Ball

- For some of the women on team USA who played in the World Cup in 1999, their focus is safety.  A campaign called Parents and Pros for Safer Soccer would introduce guidelines that would eliminate "heading" the soccer ball before age 14.
Antonio La Gamba has been playing soccer for ten years.  He doesn't want to see changes to the game he loves, "It's gonna put everyone behind in the U.S. and we're gonna stay behind in the international competitions like the World Cup."  Doctor Mark Mirabelli, of UR Medicine says, "This is a recommendation they're using they think will decrease exposure of young athletes to concussion.  However, it's not based off any science.  I'm not aware of any studies that show that changing the timing of heading in soccer will decrease the injury risk."

Soccer coaches say it's all about education.  By teaching players the proper way to head the ball, it will cut down on the number of concussions.

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