"Bully" Documentary to Open in Rochester on April 20

Critics are raving about a new documentary that is set to have a limited release this weekend.

The documentary called "Bully" follows five families through a year of school.

It documents what bullying does to a child and ways to stop the trend.

There is an online push that allows people to vote for the film to come to their city.

It will only be released in select cities starting this Friday.

The Pittsford Cinema 9 says it will get the film on April 20.

Meanwhile, The Little Theatre says it too wants the film but is having trouble getting the distributor to release it.

The general manager of The Little says they have plans to hold forums and other events surrounding the showing if the theatre is able to get a copy of the film.

The film was also supposed to have an R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America. But after an online petition, the film will now be "unrated."

If you would like more information about the film or would like to vote for "Bully" to come to where you live, you can click here.

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