Brooks Endorses Warren

You've heard the saying about politics and strange bedfellows. That scenario played out Friday when County Executive Maggie Brooks endorsed Lovely Warren for mayor.

It was the first time a Republican leader endorsed a Democrat for mayor in local politics.

"This is historic," said former mayor Bill Johnson, who helped facilitate the endorsement. 

Brooks said her endorsement was less about politics than ensuring a good working relationship with Warren.

"I can really relate to Lovely on a number of different levels and I've been where she's been. I think there are some opportunities for us to work together. So this is really a personal statement of support for her," said Brooks. "This isn't about affecting the result of the election. It's about saying I believe in this person and I want to work with her going forward and I do believe she will be the next mayor."

"I want our city to thrive and having a great working relationship with the county executive helps makes that happen," said Warren.

Warren defeated Mayor Tom Richards in the Democratic primary. Richards dropped out of the race, but will appear on third party lines. His supporters have continued to campaign on his behalf.

"Whatever the reasons for the Brooks endorsement, the Keep Mayor Tom Richards Team reminds Rochester voters that this election is theirs to decide," said the group of Richards supporters, who are led by the Independence Party.

"I'm disappointed that the Monroe County executive decided to play politics than let voters decide," said Green Party mayoral candidate Alex White.

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