Brooks and Slaughter Cast Their Vote

Louise Slaughter and Maggie Brooks cast their vote Tuesday.

It's the first real challenge Congresswoman Louise Slaughter has had in years. We caught up with her as she voted at the Fairport Library Tuesday morning.

The latest Siena Poll, released last week, showed that Slaughter had a 10 point lead over County Executive Maggie Brooks. Despite the Siena Polls says, the 13 term incumbent isn't celebrating yet.

"I never count the votes until the county...after 9 o'clock," says Slaughter. "So we'll see how it goes, we're hoping for the best."

County Executive Maggie Brooks also voted Tuesday morning at the Damascus Shrine Center in Webster.

She is currently in her third term as Monroe County Executive, but is eager to bring her style of governing to Washington.

"It's out of our hands now and I always put my faith in voters," said Brooks. "This is a community that will turn out and I know they will make their decision for the right reasons so whatever happens I will accept their decision."

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