Brittany Burgio's Mother Speaks Out

- April Burgio couldn't hold back tears when she came to the spot her daughter was killed. She brought flowers because that's the way she remembers Brittany, a beautiful young woman. Not the way she saw her last night.
"My son called me and told me Brittany got hit by a car and I was just only around the corner and my niece drove me here and I got here just to see my little girl lying on the ground unresponsive," April Burgio says.
17 year old Brittany Burgio was struck and killed, coming from the 7-Eleven across the street. She was with her cousin, and neighbors say they were in the crosswalk, on their way home.
"They looked and there was no cars coming my niece just got on the sidewalk and my daughter was just about to step on the curb and the guy that his her dragged her to where the grate is," April explains.
Sadly, this isn't the first child April has lost. Brittany was a twin, her sister Jennifer died a day after she was born.
"It's been very hard she was only a day old," the grieving mother cries.
April says Brittany's death could have been prevented, and the driver should be ashamed.
"If it was an accident he should've come over and apologized say something to me and and her dad and he hasn't done that he needs to realize he shouldn't be driving and I hope the next time he does unlicensed he goes to jail," April says.
She also hopes RPD comes up with more serious charges than driving without a license. The driver has not yet been identified.

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