Both Parties Making Final Push for Voters

The push is on. Volunteers are dialing thousands of phone numbers to make sure people cast their ballots on Election Day, "it's really important to have not only peoples support but people's votes, and to translate people's support into voting at the ballot box," said Elizabeth Lorris Ritter, the Region 3 Get out the Vote Coordinator for the Ted O'Brien Campaign.

Candidates have been campaigning and getting their messages out for a while. Now, it's all about the volunteers reminding people that the big day will be here soon, "people have busy lives so they need a little help to remind them we're happy to do that so people will be getting a call from us," said Noah Lebowitz, Maggie Brooks Campaign Manager.

Beyond the friendly reminder, both parties are making sure people know what to do on Election Day, "we ask people if they know where their polling place is if they don't know where their polling place is we let them know that," said Lorris Ritter. Lebowitz added, "give them a ride to the polls we want to make it as easy and as painless as possible for people to exercise that right."

For both parties a lot is at stake, "there are so many issues that are important to voters, we've been talking about issues throughout this entire campaign," said Lorris Ritter, "but ultimately talking about issues has to translate into action at the ballot box and getting the right people into office on election day." Lebowitz added, "people are frustrated with Washington they want a government that works smarter, smaller, reduces taxes, creates jobs, well now is the time they have to express that frustration by going to the voting booth and voting for the right candidate."

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