Body Cameras Help Police In Gates

Gates, NY (WROC) - Sergeant Robert Long adds an extra 30 pounds of equipment before he starts his shift for the Gates Police Department but one his most important tools is a little black box.  It's a camera that clips right onto his shirt and with the flip of his finger, it's lights, camera, action.  Everything he sees, the camera sees. 

Sgt. Long says the cameras come in handy a lot when they're dealing with people on patrol. 

"They tell you one story when you're on scene with them, and then they come in the next day to complain saying the police didn't do anything and their story has completely changed," said Long. 

If Long gets called to a car crash and he thinks a video might help investigators, he can start rolling.  It also helps police officers protect themselves when their job performance is criticized..

"You bring a person in here and they make a complaint against you or they accuse you of doing something.  You play the video for them and they do a 180.  In that instance it really helps you in the end," added Long.  

Serving as a police officer is a dangerous line of business.  But, in Gates, an officer has an extra eye on the scene providing valuable evidence.

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