Board of Elections Prepares for High Voter Turnout

Board of elections around the area are preparing for the large crowds that come with a presidential election. Which meant the day before the big day was still busy at the Monroe County Board of Elections.

"Every election is the same," Thomas Ferrarese, Commissioner of the Monroe County Board of Elections, said. "In reality, it's just we have more of it - more phone calls, more people to vote you know and trying to maintain the control of those volumes."

This year in Monroe County, 437,858 registered to vote. It was a few thousand people less than four years ago. Still, eighty to eighty-five percent of those registered are expected to actually cast a vote

"I think that's a good number," voter James Felice said. "I think it should be higher, but it's a good number."

"I'd wish more people would come out," Tommie Wiggins, Sr. said.

Most in Monroe County will vote on Election Day. However, 19,000 applied for an absentee ballot.

"We have about 13,000 back already,"  Ferrarese said.

Some will be out of town, others just have plans.

"I'll be serving tomorrow as an election inspector, and I know it's going to be an extremely busy day," voter Darryl Boone said. "So, I thought it wise that I would come and vote today so I didn't have to worry about getting to the poll myself."

If you're planning on mailing in your absentee ballot you better get it in the mail Monday. You also want to pay attention to the collection time, because if your ballot isn't postmarked November 5th your vote won't count.

For everyone else, Commissioner Ferrarese says the voting machines are now waiting at their posts. Ready for 15 hours of election day voting.


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