Blue Green Algae Closes Beaches On Conesus Lake

Blue Green Algae has closed some beaches on Conesus Lake. The greenish-yellow slime can really ruin your day. When touched it can cause skin irritation, when swallowed it can make you nauseous.   

"But, it can have more longer term more acute affects on the liver and even the central nervous system. That's a really extreme case though," said Mark Grovans, the Director of Environmental Health in Livingston County. 

Labor Day Weekend is days away and the bacteria could ruin some plans. 

"I think it would put a damper on business for the lake and the restaurants," said Linda Mitchell.

Mitchell has lived on the lake for years and says she wants something done about the algae blooms. But, she may be out of luck.

"It's a naturally occurring phenomenon," said Grovans.

And thanks to the help of humans it's only become worse.

"Nitrogen, phosphorus from fertilizer or lawn clippings, those are some of things that cause Blue Green Algae.

Conesus Lake offers some of magnificent views, but for those planning to enjoy its water this weekend, be mindful of Blue Green Algae.

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