Blu Wolf Burger Challenge Donates to Local Charity

Rochester, NY - "Growing up in Rochester, I've always loved this corner, and I've always thought, 'someday.'," explains Jason Snyder, co-owner of Blu Wolf Bistro.

Well, that day is now.  Blu Wolf opened last November.  They're a gastropub, serving high end beer and wine, and their menu is all about local, rare, and is always changing.

"We like to use unique ingredients, says Snyder. "We've had everything from shark burger to alligator, we do a wild antelope, we have wild bore bacon, duck bacon. We try to use unique ingredients to put a spin on a traditional burger."

A lot of local restaurants have their own food challenges, but Blu Wolf burger challenge consists of about 2 pounds of meet, duck bacon, a pound of fries, and you can't forget the milkshake, but don't worry, if you can't finish it, don't worry because you are still helping out a good cause. 

"Anytime you order a burger challenge at the Blu Wolf Bistro, we donate $3, whether you finish it or not," says Snyder.

The money goes to the Crisis Nursery at the Center for Youth, which provides emergency childcare for families that are in crisis.

"Families who maybe their childcare provider shutdown, or they're sick and they can't take off from work or they'll lose their job," says Valerie Douglas, Director for the Center for Youth. "They can call us and we provide immediate care. It can be a couple hours, it can be a couple days."

And every little bit helps.

"We don't have a major funding source. it is the only program like it in New York State, so we rely on folks in the community to step up and provide that support," says Douglas.

Their main goal is for customers to leave with a unique experience, and a full stomach, and they plan on sticking around for a while.

"We will be on this corner for the foreseeable future," says Snyder. "We're not going anywhere."

For info on Blu Wolf Bistro, click on the link:


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