Blossom North Nursing and Rehab Facility cited by NY State Health Department

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) - Blossom North Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has been cited by the New York State Health Department for having mice and rats in the facility.

The sanitary problem comes to light for the second time this year. According to the New York State Health Department citation document, which was obtained exclusively by News 8, Blossom North was cited on Jan. 2, 2014. The document furthers that deficiencies were found under housekeeping and maintenance service, infection control and the pest control program.

According to the document the State Department of Health performed their survey on July 17, 2014 and issued the survey to Blossom North July 31, 2014.

In regards to pest control, the State Department of Health states in the document about Blossom North, "It was determined that the facility did not maintain an effective pest control program to ensure the facility is free of pests and rodents. This is a repeat deficiency from the abbreviated survey on 1/2/2014. Specifically, there was evidence of rodents and flies, documented pest sightings, pest harborage areas and access points, and the lack of service from a pest management company."

The State Health Department cited Blossom North for other problems, besides rodents. Listed within the document, the health department states that Blossom North hired multiple employee's without proper background checks.

"It was determined that for two of eight employee files reviewed for the Criminal History Record Checks (CHRC), the facility did not assure that the required consent forms were submitted," The document continues and states, "On 7/17/14 between 11:19 a.m. and 11:57 a.m., a Human Resources representative provided the surveyor with eight employee records related to CHRC. The records showed that the acknowledgment and consent forms for fingerprinting and disclosure of criminal history record information were not completed."

The document then lists examples. It also lists that a Certified Nursing Assistant hired in February did not have a nurse aide registry check and a Social Worker hired on May 5, 2014 was not checked through the nurse aide registry until May 5, 2014.

The State Health Department citation also cites Blossom North for abuse and neglect.

According to the survey, "Based on observations, interviews and record reviews conducted during the Recertification Survey and complaint investigation completed on 7/7/14, it was determined that for one resident of three residents reviews for accommodation of needs, the facility did not provide services with reasonable accommodation of individual needs," The citation continues, "Specifically, a resident was not provided the appropriate sized incontinence briefs."

The citation continues to say this resident is paralyzed in his lower extremities and is in need of extensive assistance with toileting. It says a registered nurse reported that the facility frequently doesn't carry enough briefs for residents.

The survey then says about the same resident, "There were no double extra large briefs in the facility, and he has not had any in the last two months. He also said the CANs told him that the Administrator said the briefs were too expensive."

According to the document, the resident was wearing a brief too small or him, pulled tightly around the groin and waist area making a mark and pulling the skin together.

The facility was also cited for housekeeping and maintenance services. The document stated, "The facility did not provide housekeeping to maintain a sanitary and comfortable interior. THIS IS A REPEAT DEFICIENCY FROM THE RECERTIFICATION SURVEYS OF 9/25/13 AND 12/24/12."

The document also states the facility failed to prevent and heal pressure sores, "Based on observations, interviews and record reviews it was determined that for one of three residents reviewed for pressure sores, the facility did not ensure that a resident having a pressure sore relieved the necessary treatment to promote healing."

These are only a few of the citations listed in this fifty plus page document.

Andrew Roth tells News 8 his cousin has lived in the facility for the past three months. She entered Blossom North to recover from an illness.

"There is no hope for anyone who comes into this facility," Roth said. "My concerns started with her room, the upkeep of her room. She would soil in her pants and they would throw her depends right next to her bed for her to lay there all night to smell it."

Roth also said the facility is infested with mice and rats. He filmed himself confronting nursing staff twice about the mice infestation.

Frank Ianucci, Blossom North's Chief Operations Officer responded to News 8 after several calls, emails and even an attempt to stop by the facility.

"The facility has had a pest control issue," Ianucci said, "Which was and is currently being managed by a contracted licensed exterminator."

According to the State Health Department's citation, that's not true.

The State Department of Health said the next step for a facility like Blossom North that is cited is to submit a plan of correction and to correct what they have been cited for. More information on the nursing home inspection process can be found on this website.

Life Span, a Rochester organization that provides information and guidance for older adults and caregivers has tips for people searching for a nursing or rehabilitation facility:

1. Visit the Federal Government’s website. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has developed a “Nursing Home Compare” website that provides an extensive, data-driven quality rating system which rates each nursing home’s overall quality from 5 star (best) to 1 star (worst).
Once you're there, visit the nursing home compare website, enter your zip code and click “Show Nursing Homes”. This will generate a table of all of the nursing homes within a ten mile radius that take Medicare and/or Medicaid, (as well as private-pay) payments.
2. Visit each home to ask questions, talk with residents and staff, observe how staff interacts with residents, and inspect the latest resident and staff survey results. Lifespan prefers unannounced visits.
3.) Contact your local Ombudsman program which exists in every county. The Ombudsman’s role is to advocate for the resident’s rights and quality of life/care.

Blossom North is owned and operated by Israel Segal, also the owner of Blossom South, the nursing home that shut down in March because of safety issues.

The full New York state Department of Health report is listed under the video.

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