Big Opposition to Port Project

- A packed house tonight for a hearing on the fate of the Port of Rochester. Hundreds turned out to confront city leaders about the project they say is all wrong for their neighborhood. There are already signs of construction at the site at the port. The city chose Michigan-based developer, Edgewater Resources, to build a $77-million dollar complex of condos, a resort hotel, and stores. But in a meeting at the Robach Community Center Monday night, residents said the high-end project at the Port doesn't fit.
"The view will be lost," said Lee Selover of Charlotte. "I think the ambiance in the area will be lost. A lot of people down here care about what's going on. Ya know a lot of people down here have passion for stuff." "We want the relaxation, the calmness and peace," said Lorraine Parr of Charlotte. "Because Rochester is like that. It's different from other cities. When you go to other cities, it's all congested. It's just not the feel of relaxation. When I come along the beach and walk along the beach, I'm relaxed. If I come down here, I'm going to hear noise and pollution."
The developer's plan calls for 120 condos, 50 townhouses, a hotel, retail shops and a marina. It would sit in front of the Port of Rochester terminal---changing the landscape of the shore. "Oh my gosh," says Chris Appoloney of Charlotte. "How many stories is it? It's just gonna take over. You can't. It's just not right. This is a small town, Charlotte. Not Miami." The house was packed---standing room only. On Thursday, the crowd is expected to be double as residents face the developer for the first time. That meeting is scheduled for 7pm at the Robach Community Center.

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