Beware of IRS E-Mail Scam

Just in time for tax season there is warning about an email scam.   The sender claims to be from the IRS with details about a refund you still need to claim from last year.  "The IRS is not allowed to issue emails," said Kevin Conlon, CPA, Conlon & Company.   "It is too good to be true.  There is quite a bit of unclaimed funds. You can call IRS to check on phone or go to their website," said Conlon.    However, most people don't have unclaimed refunds.

Conlon says now is a good time to get everything in order because a lot of people miss important deductions.  Donations to charity including clothing, furniture or toys can be written off.   If you paid state tax last year you can deduct that too.  Take advantage of what you can because if congress doesn't act the decade old "Bush Tax Cuts" will expire.  If the cuts are eliminated most tax bills would go up.   Nine tax breaks, including the child tax credit, would be a thing of the past.  Conlon says people who don't own property or a business can probably do their own taxes, but if you file the long form you should hire someone.    "If you do make a mistake and it's the wrong way, and you get audited, the interest and penalties out weigh the cost of a preparer," said Conlon. 

The usual April 15th deadline to file personal income tax returns is being pushed back  this year to April 17th.   The extension applies to 2011 state and federal personal income tax returns because the traditional deadline falls on a Sunday this year and the observance of Emancipation Day in Washington, D.C. will take place April 16.

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