Beep Baseball World Series Kicks Off in Hilton

The National Beep Baseball World Series kicked off their first games, Tuesday. Visually impaired teams from around the world competed at Grace and Truth Fields in Hilton.

The game is a little different than baseball, a ball with a beeper is thrown over the plate. If the batter gets a hit, they run to a beeping base down the first or third base line. If the runner gets to the base safely before the fielding team gets the ball, the batter's team get a run.

It's a great opportunity for people who you might not think of as athletes.

"We have to show the world that we can get out, and that we can have a good time, just like anybody else. We just have to do things a little bit differently and adapt to things differently," explained Jessica McTiernan

The tournament lasts until this weekend. 

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